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Institute Strategy

Today’s complex tasks in the fields of particle technology and mechanical biotechnology can only be successfully mastered by interdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, at the Institute for Particle Technology, engineers of different disciplines (chemical engineering, mechanical engineering) are intensively working together with natural scientists (biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, physics). Furthermore, we collaborate closely with various other research institutes and industry in numerous projects to maximize the knowledge transfer and optimize the output. Through our close contact to industry, research results can be transferred fast to the market and, on the other hand, research demands by industry can be recognized at an early stage.
Due to its history , the main facilities of the Institute for Particle Technology are located outside of the campus areas of TU Braunschweig at Braunschweig-Gliesmarode. The Institute is additionally centrally involved in three Research Centers of TU Braunschweig where further offices and laboratories are located. All three Research Centers, the PVZ – Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering (Zentrum für Pharmaverfahrenstechnik), BLB – Battery LabFactory Braunschweig as well as LENA – Laboratory of Emerging Nanometrology, are located at the Langer Kamp campus area. Additionally we utilize offices at Langer Kamp 8, 5th floor. Currently, the Institute for Particle Technology has about 100 employees at the three locations working in the research groups as well as in administration and the workshop of the institute.


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Prof. Arno Kwade joined the Global Comminution Collaborative (GCC). The GCC is a collaborative research effort to address the challenges of sustainable comminution in the mining industry. more information here