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Advanced lithium-sulfur battery concepts for aviation (aero-LiS-SE)

Contact person: Eun Ju Jeon

Project description:
The components of batteries for aviation must allow high power and hence high current densities while at the same time providing sufficient specific energy. The most promising battery is all-solid-state lithium-sulfur battery. The performance improvements can be achieved by a detailed understanding of the effects of the most promising materials and material combinations, their interfaces and of their micro-/meso-structural characteristics on the electrochemical performance. The challenge is a multiscale understanding and tailoring on surface, electrode and cell level, requiring a combined experimental and model-based approach.

Figure: Schematic of the planned advancement of solid-state lithium-sulphur batteries (left) and structurally inte-grated batteries (right) for aviation applications

Tasks in this project:

  • Identify suitable (hybrid) solid electrolytes and electrode structures for this purpose
  • Understand the reaction and passivation processes at the electrode and know how to keep the electrode highly active
  • Understand the interaction of reaction with surface design and use it to design active material
  • Identify producible, sustainable electrode structures and compositions with properties relevant for aviation

    SE²A Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Aviation (Cluster of Excellence)DFG

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