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Thin nanoparticle films for cathode composites in all solid state batteries

Contact Person: Lennart Kleinfeldt

All solid state batteries (ASS) offer high potential for future energy storage in electromobility. By use of a solid electrolyte, all solid state batteries provide greatly improved safety and can also offer higher energy densities. However, there is still a need for research and development to achieve technical feasibility. [1]

The individual components show different behavior towards ambient conditions. The processability of the battery materials can be facilitated by an optimized surface design of the cathode composites. The realization of thin nanoparticle films can help to improve the flowability, stability against moisture and storage stability. In this project, thin ceramic coatings (< 20 nm) made of alumina, titanium oxide or other nanoparticulate systems are realized and characterized by various analytical methods, to simplity the manufacturing and enhance the electrochemical performance of all solid state battery systems.

[1]  R.Chen et al., Mater.Horiz. 3, 2016, 487-516

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