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T-MAPPP – DEM modelling and calibration of cohesive granular flows

Natural bulk materials or particles associated with bulk solids are mostly complex, and frequently behave differently based on external conditions, which make it more challenging for process development specifically for cohesive granular materials. The objective of the project is to model and calibrate the behaviour of cohesive granular process for a defined flow and stress regime. To describe and capture the key behaviour in the defined system, a DEM model will be developed, which will be verified by some simple experimental tests. As the main goal of TMAPPP is to take DEM to the industrial scale/application, various scale-up approaches will be used to describe a suitable upscaling procedure. The study will lead to a better understanding of effect of cohesive powder on the defined process and the underlying adhesive mechanism, scale-up procedure, calibration methodology and limits of applicability from DEM to compartment model.