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Comprehensive understanding of multi-component compaction

Contact person: Daniel Puckhaber

Tablets are the most common solid dosage form and are often the dosage form of choice when developing new products. Commercial tablets typically consist of at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and a number of excipient which are added to ensure sufficient physicochemical ad mechanical properties. Until today, the tableting process is not completely understood due to the complex interplay of applied substances and influencing parameters during the production process. Therefore, no predictive statement about quality attributes as mechanical strength, disintegration time and drug release are possible. In this project, the influence of material and process parameters on the structural and mechanical properties of selected excipients and APIs should be investigated to derive predictive process and property functions for their blends. More specifically, the impact of adding functional excipients (lubricants, disintegrants) on the tablet properties of binary and ternary mixtures should be characterised by systematically varying process parameters (compression speed, compression stress, granulation) and material parameter (deformation behaviour, particle size distribution).

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