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T-MAPPP – Simulation of breakage and abrasion of granules and tablets

Contact Person: Ramon Cabiscol i Martinoli

Although tablets have been produced in large quantities for a long time, there is a need for better understanding of the mechanical properties as well as the anisotropies which can be originated during compaction. The objectives of the current project are the investigation of the wear and breaking mechanisms of granules and tablets with focus on industrial transport processes and the investigation of the characteristics of the formation of wear. For this aim, Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations of the occurrence of wear and breakage during transportation of granules and tablets shall be established. In order to achieve this goal, the design of test equipment for the investigation of the occurrence of these phenomena (among others, compression and impact test) is performed in order to characterize attrition, abrasion, impact and compression mechanisms at different granule stressing and transport devices. In parallel a full understanding of the internal structure of tablets with imaging techniques (X-ray tomography and Scanning Electron Microscopy) and mechanical properties testing (microindentation and directional tensile strength) is required for predicting the initiation and failure points. All the information gathered at the previous steps is of a crucial importance as an input parameter for an elasto-plastic tablet interparticle bond description in DEM, in particular for the directional dependence of bond strength (anisotropic behaviour).
T-MAPPP_SEM-e1439270981890 T-MAPPP_CT

SEM (left) and µ-CT (right) are powerful techniques for the study of the internal structure of tablets

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