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Characteristics of a nanoparticulate coating based on the process chain

Contact person: Jutta Hesselbach
Nowadays, nanoparticulate coatings are highly important for numerous applications. The properties of such coatings do not only depend on the component materials, but are also strongly influenced by the respective structural characteristics. A variety of parameters, such as the subsequent process steps (formulation, processing and drying), determine the final structure of the layers and thus, the resulting properties. Bearing this mind, this project investigates every step of the process chain by varying the influential parameters to identifiy important dependecies. Synthesized and commercial nanoparticles are chemically modified so that they can be both stable and capable of further functionalization. A detailed investigation of the structure formation via crosslinking between the functionalized particles and an additive takes place. In addition, the functionalization of the substrate for targeted binding to the particles is also considered. In addition to the dip coating process,the slot die coating process should be used as an industrial relevant coating proces to produce such thin coatings.

Figure: AFM-picture of a nanoparticulate coating surface



Figure: SEM-picture of a nanoparticulate coating structure






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