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DEFACTO: Battery design and manufacturing optimisation through multiphysic modelling

DEFACTO is a project within the framework of the EU funding programme Horizon 2020. The aim of the project is to develop a tool for multiphysic and multiscale modelling of battery materials, the manufacturing process and cell behaviour. The improved understanding should then lead to an acceleration of the development process for novel cell types and to the optimization of established processes. 13 project partners are involved, including Spanish, French, Belgian and German partners.
The main task of the iPAT is the development of models to simulate the process chain for battery electrode production. Based on the dispersion step, which is characterized by CFD-DEM simulations using a few particle agglomerates, the properties of the resulting electrode slurry can be deduced. The particle size distribution of the suspension then serves as input parameter for the subsequent coating and drying process. Here the structure formation during the drying process with different formulation and process parameters is of interest. Important fluid-particle interactions are to be considered by a combination of resolved and unresolved CFD-DEM simulation with respect to the active and additive material particles. The resulting structure is compacted in the following calendering step. DEM simulations allow characterizing the resulting final electrode structure and correlating it with the formulation and process parameters.

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