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Development of a Method for the Measurement of Dispersing Properties of Particle Aggregates and Agglomerates

Contact Persons: Carsten Schilde, Björn Schönstedt

In many sections of the chemical industry it is a current challenge to develop new suspensions and formulations. The production of paints and lacquers, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the electronic industry are only some examples to mention. In many cases the dispersion of particles is an essential step in the production process. Whereas the production of established products is in the range of tons per day, the new formulations are developed and firstly tested in lab-scale. Typical devices for dispersing tests in lab-scale are rotor-stator systems, ultrasonic homogenisers or open stirred media mills. However, in most cases results from these tests cannot be directly transferred to production in industrial scale. Further tests in pilot plants are thus necessary. Therefore, in the framework of an AIF ProInno-Project a method is developed, permitting the direct transfer of lab-scale results to production scale. Here, the newly developed laboratory method shall not only enable the transfer to one special dispersing device, but to different types of devices in production scale. The newly developed method will be arranged that way, that -if necessary- the required volume of test suspension is in the range of 10 ml.

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