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Simulation of mechanochemical processes in mills

Sponsor: BASF

Contact person : Christoph Thon

Summary of the overall project:

The research project “Simulation of mechanochemical processes in mills” is being carried out by BASF as part of the industrial project “In situ investigations of the mechanochemical activation in three model systems”.
The main research focus of the project is the investigation of mechanochemical integration processes using three model material systems. The overall objective is to investigate the process both on an experimental and a simulative level, whereby the stress and the incorporation of the product is analyzed in-situ in a special laboratory stirred media mill, while the stress energy is also measured directly by means of sensor particles. For comparison and further analysis of the system, micro- and macroscale DEM simulations are set up and carried out, the results are compared with experimental data and mechanistic relationships and models are derived.

Goals and tasks of iPAT

  • Investigation of the captured volume of product powder between grinding beads by means of a specially developed test set-up at iPAT.
  • Setting up of a microscale simulation with a grinding bead and many product particles
  • Setting up a macroscale simulation with many grinding beads and no product particles
  • Calibration of the simulation parameters and simulation validation
  • Running the relevant test parameters of the experiments
  • Comparison with experimental results and derivation of mechanistic models and relationships
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