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Battery Process Engineering

Team  Leader: Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Haselrieder

The Working Group Battery Process Engineering at the Institute for Particle Technology (iPAT) deals with procedural aspects of electrochemical storage technologies, from basic research to process and manufacturing technology of the industrial production of electrodes. The thematic focus can therefore be well captured by the term “battery process technology.”
Electrode structures are based on composite particles and structured particle coatings using various process and particle engineering steps. The process chain of manufacturing electrodes has been established in the range of dispersion for various aggregates in a pilot scale and in the field of coating and calandering of the electrode at pilot scale since 2007. Cell manufacturing to check the process parameter variations is implemented in full and half cells and is under the construction activities of the “Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB)” perpetuated on a continuous scale.



Scientific objective is the correlation of material and process parameters with the electrochemical performance of the battery or the product characteristics of the active materials / particles, suspensions and coatings / electrodes. Powder properties such as particle size and morphology, as well as the electrical conductivity and wetting of powder compacts are characterized. Meaningful results are also provided by rheological analysis of the electrodes suspensions, electrical conductivity measurements on electrodes, the structural analysis of the electrodes with respect to porosity and mechanical film properties and their adhesion to the substrate.
Thus, structure-property relationships as a function of manufacturing processes, formulation strategies and recipe are studied. A major focus of the working group is to understand the procedural and technical evaluation process of the particulate systems. In addition to optimize the electrode production, aims to achieve cost-effective electrode production are made. These include the development of new manufacturing methods and concepts for process integration and intensification. In summary therefore, the following research topics are covered:

  • Pre-treatment of particles (milling, classification, agglomeration and high-energy treatment)
  • Mixing and dispersing (process and recipe development)
  • Coating (discontinuous/continuous, multidimensional structured)
  • Calandering ( single and continuous processed electrodes)
  • Cell manufacturing and electrochemistry (electrochemical characterisation of full and half cells)
  • Simulation (Discrete element method – particle based)
  • Recycling (process development, parameterisation and installation of pilot plant)

Team Members


Cooperative project: Project results database and communication management for the battery cell production cluster ProZell (EMKoZell) more

BaSS – BatterieSicherheitsStandardisierung more

BenchBatt – Process based energy optimization and validation of Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Sulfur battery electrodes more

EVOLi²S – Evaluation of the technical and economic advantages of the open-cell module for lithium-ion and lithium-sulphur batteries with regard to stationary and mobile applications more

MultiDis – Multiscale approach for the description of carbon black deagglomeration in the dispersion process for a process and performance-optimized process control more

Process modeling of the calendering of energy-rich electrodes (ProKal) more

Roll-It more

INSIDER – metal free Dual Ion energy storage technology utilizing anionic -intercalation more

GEENI – Graduate Program for Energy Storage and Electromobility more

LoCoTroP – Low cost dry coating of battery electrodes for energy efficient and environmentally friendly production processes more

LithoRec II more

Academic Initiative for e-Mobility – Education and Training in the University Network MOBIL4e more

Functional Materials and Material Analysis for High Power Lithium-Ion Batteries more

ZiLsicher – Zink-Air-Accumulators as safe electrochemical storage for low emission and explosion proof industrial applications more

Finished Projects

ProLiEMo – Produktionsforschung für Hochleistungs-Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für ElektroMobilität  mehr

LithoRec – Recycling von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien mehr

LiVe – Lithium-Verbundstrukturen mehr