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3D-SSB – 3D-structuring of solid-state cathodes to increase the power and energy density

Funded by: BMBF

Contact Person: Laura Helmers, Christine Burmeister

Summary of the project:

The aim of the project “3D-SSB” is the increase of the power and energy density of solid-state batteries (SSB) by specific structuring of high-capacity cathodes. In addition, a process chain for the scalable production of such 3D-structured electrodes will be evaluated.
For this purpose, a construction set will be developed that contains precursors with different compositions and properties. Based on these precursors, innovative additive and subtractive methods for the targeted production of two- and three-dimensional structured solid-state cathodes will be evaluated. Structure simulations are performed to identify suitable hierarchical and graded structures that lead to an increase in the power density. With the help of improved inactive components, the 3D-structured solid-state cathodes are further processed into high-capacity SSB cells, which exhibit a higher power density compared to cells with unstructured cathodes. One of the main focus concentrates on the analysis of the interfaces within the cathode and between the different cell components. Besides, a method for evaluation of the individual processes with regard to their scalability to industrial production will be developed. This enables the identification of a suitable process chain for the large-scale production of 3D-structured SSB.


Fig. left: Scheme of an All-Solid-State-Battery with a 3D-structured composite cathode.
Fig. right: Overview of possible precursors for the production of 3D-structured composite cathodes.. 

Tasks and targets of the iPAT:

  • Process development for the specific adjustment of physical and electrochemical properties of precursors (construction set) for the production of solid-state electrolyte-based composite cathodes.
  • Development of a powder bed process for the additive manufacturing of composite cathodes.
  • Modeling and simulation of structured electrodes using DEM and FEM to identify suitable hierarchical and graduated structures.
  • Development of a high-energy solid-state battery cell with an increased power density.
  • In-depth physical and electrochemical analysis of 3D-structured composite cathodes and solid-state battery cells.
    Project partners:

    Continental CPT Zwei GmbH, VON ARDENNE GmbH, LPKF Laser and Electronics AG, SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH, TU Braunschweig (Institut für Partikeltechnik, Institut für Füge- und Schweißtechnik, Institut für Konstruktionstechnik), MEET Batterieforschungszentrum, BASF SE, Schott AG, Evonik Industries AG, Gema GmbH

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