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Funding Sponsor: BMBF

Contact partners : Laura Gottschalk, Matthias Haarmann, Nanny Strzelczyk

Summary of the overall project:

The aim of the “HiStructures” project in the ProZell cluster is to significant increase the energy density of lithium-ion cells while simultaneously save material and manufacturing costs in order to create the conditions for a large-scale battery production in Germany. Within the framework of HiStructures, different process based structuring concepts as well as their combination with each other will be investigated (e.g. active material blends, gradient electrodes, multi-layer coating). In particular, the focus is on the combination of process-engineering and simulation. The simulations help to determine the optimal structure of the electrodes and, moreover, allow to identify and minimize loss mechanisms during battery operation. If successful, it would be possible to produce improved electrodes with a higher production throughput and thus lower costs. The further development of the processes up to a pilot scale will provide a comprehensive understanding of the process-structure-property relationships as well as the necessary know-how for a transfer to industrial production.

Fig.: structuring concepts within the project HiStructures (Source: ZSW)

Objectives and tasks of the iPAT

  • Significant increase in energy density through realization of ultra-thick electrodes with high area capacities (aim: 8-10 mAh/cm²)
  • Concepts are being developed so that the challenging production of ultra-thick, double-sided coated high-energy electrodes can be realized continuously and cost-efficiently by using an extruder and a multi-layer slot die
  • The increasing transport limitation can be eliminated by an optimization of the passive material distribution and hierarchical structuring of the electrodes (e.g. active material blends, gradient electrodes, multi-layer coating)
    Project partners

    TU Braunschweig – Institute of particle technology (iPAT), Institute of Joining and Welding Technology (ifs) and Institute of Energy and Process Systems Engineering (InES); ZSW – Accumulators Materials Research (ECM); Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Institute of Thermal Process Engineering (Thin Film Technology TFT); University Ulm – Institute of Stochastics; DLR at the HIU Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage – Electrochemical Multiphysics Modeling

    Team Members


    Cooperative project: Project results database and communication management for the battery cell production cluster ProZell (EMKoZell) more

    BaSS – BatterieSicherheitsStandardisierung more

    eKoZell – Environmental and Cost Assessment, Model and Communication Management for the Competence Cluster ProZell – Accompanying Project to the ProZell Cluster (eKoZell) moremore

    Cooperative project: Project results database and communication management for the battery cell production cluster ProZell (EMKoZell) more

    EVOLi²S – Evaluation of the technical and economic advantages of the open-cell module for lithium-ion and lithium-sulphur batteries with regard to stationary and mobile applications more

    Optimal electrode structure and density by design of mixing and calendering procedures (MiKal) more

    MultiDis – Multiscale approach for the description of carbon black deagglomeration in the dispersion process for a process and performance-optimized process control more

    ÖkoTroP – Ecologically gentle dry coating of battery electrodes with optimized electrode structure more

    PräLi – Prelithiation of electrodes more

    ProfiStruk – Process and system development for the process integrated inline structuring of Li-electrodes more

    Process modeling of the calendering of energy-rich electrodes (ProKal) more

    Roll-It more

    LiPlanet – Li-ion cell pilot lines network moremore

    LoCoTroP – Low cost dry coating of battery electrodes for energy efficient and environmentally friendly production processes more

    Sim4Pro- Digitalization Platform – Simulations for battery cell production more

    ZiLsicher – Zink-Air-Accumulators as safe electrochemical storage for low emission and explosion proof industrial applications more

    Finished Projects
    BenchBatt – Process based energy optimization and validation of Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Sulfur battery electrodes more

    GEENI – Graduate Program for Energy Storage and Electromobility more

    INSIDER – metal free Dual Ion energy storage technology utilizing anionic -intercalation more

    Academic Initiative for e-Mobility – Education and Training in the University Network MOBIL4e more

    ProLiEMo – Production Research for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electro Mobility  mehr

    Functional Materials and Material Analysis for High Power Lithium-Ion Batteries more

    LithoRec – LithoRec – Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries mehr