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INSIDER – metal free Dual Ion energy storage technology utilizing anionic -intercalation

The projects scope, funded by BMWI BMU and BMBF, is the development of an innovative secondary battery system which makes use of metal free active materials for stationary applications. The so called Dual Ion Technology is based on the intercalation of negative ions instead of positive ones into the electrodes of the battery.
Our part of research is the particle and process technology to bring the material pretreatment and electrode production steps to an industrial scale. The main challenge for this storage technology is the mechanical stress for the electrode particles due to the much bigger intercalating anions compared to Lithium ions. The aim of the investigation is designing active materials and electrode structures which are able to withstand these massive mechanical stresses.
At particle level we work on manufacturing tailored active materials using air classification to adjust the particle size distribution or morphology. In addition particle based ion-permeable coatings are created using mechanical bonding processes to protect the active material.
On electrode level the microstructure influences are investigated via affecting the water based dispersion, coating, drying and calendering processes. In addition the use of additives, like pore building agents or polymeric functional layers are under investigation.

Team Members


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INSIDER – metal free Dual Ion energy storage technology utilizing anionic -intercalation more

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