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LiMeS – Light Lithium-Metal-Sulfur battery system based on structured hybrid electrode concepts for aerospace applications

Funded by: BMBF

Contact person : Marcella Horst, Nico Grotkopp

Summary of the project:
The project focuses on the development of a hybrid electrode concept for a lithium-metal-sulfur battery system, which will be used in aerospace applications and which combines high specific energy and power with high operational safety. However, since the demands on the performance characteristics and safety of the batteries are significantly higher than in the automotive sector, new concepts must be developed, implemented and validated in the overall system. For this purpose, anode-side deposition mechanisms of lithium on metallic and carbon surfaces are investigated, which will later be implemented as a continuous process on a roll-to-roll system. A fixed ion conductor layer is investigated on the lithium as a separator replacement and to protect it from dendrite formation. On the cathode side, high performance sulphur cathode concepts are evaluated and validated by the use of highly structured carbons, structured substrates Furthermore, 3D-structured cell concepts will be developed in close cooperation with the partners in order to further increase the efficiency. Mathematical models of single cells as well as of the entire system are developed and parameterized. Thus, a battery module is developed as a demonstrator, assembled and tested according to the requirements of the application.

Objectives and tasks of iPAT (AG Kwade)

  • Establishment of a reference system with liquid electrolyte
  • Process engineering investigations for the production of high-performance sulphur-carbon cathodes by highly structured carbons using gentle mixing and dispersing processes.
  • Development of a dry coating process for low binder/free sulphur-carbon cathodesEntwicklung eines Trockenbeschichtungsprozesses für binderarme/-freie Schwefel-Kohlenstoff-Kathoden
  • Development of novel cell concepts
  • Safety investigations on pouch cells

    Objectives and tasks of iPAT (AG Garnweitner)

  • Production of thin, ion-conducting layers to protect the anode or cell from dendrite growth by dip and spray coating processes on lithium foils and structured lithium anodes.
  • Investigation of the influence of chemical electrolyte additives or gloss formers
  • Characterization and evaluation of the produced coatings
    Project partners
    Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA), LU Hannover (IfES),
    Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, GKD-Gebr. Kufferath AG, GS GLOVEBOX Systemtechnik GmbH, Stercom Power Solutions GmbH, Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, FutureCarbon GmbH

    Team Members


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    EVOLi²S – Evaluation of the technical and economic advantages of the open-cell module for lithium-ion and lithium-sulphur batteries with regard to stationary and mobile applications more

    Optimal electrode structure and density by design of mixing and calendering procedures (MiKal) more

    MultiDis – Multiscale approach for the description of carbon black deagglomeration in the dispersion process for a process and performance-optimized process control more

    ÖkoTroP – Ecologically gentle dry coating of battery electrodes with optimized electrode structure more

    PräLi – Prelithiation of electrodes more

    ProfiStruk – Process and system development for the process integrated inline structuring of Li-electrodes more

    Process modeling of the calendering of energy-rich electrodes (ProKal) more

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    LiPlanet – Li-ion cell pilot lines network moremore

    LoCoTroP – Low cost dry coating of battery electrodes for energy efficient and environmentally friendly production processes more

    Sim4Pro- Digitalization Platform – Simulations for battery cell production more

    ZiLsicher – Zink-Air-Accumulators as safe electrochemical storage for low emission and explosion proof industrial applications more

    Finished Projects
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