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Stress processes in planetary ball mills and their application to mill scale-up and transfer

Contact Person: Stefan Rosenkranz (2007-2012), Christine Burmeister

In applications of planetary ball mills for process development, a number of questions remain unanswered, particularly the grinding ball motion depending on geometry and operating parameters such as the friction conditions, the scale-up and transfer to other media mills. The investigations of grinding ball motion have shown that the previously published theoretical models can not reproduce this grinding ball motion. As part of this project, the influencing parameters of comminution are examined in planetary ball mills and combined into a process model. To this purpose measurement methods for optical analysis of the movements within the grinding chamber are being refined and batch grinding experiments as well as discrete element simulations of grinding ball motion are performed. The main objective of this project is to improve the fundamental knowledge about the stress and grinding processes in planetary ball mills and their dependencies on these factors significantly. The tests will contribute to a holistic understanding of the processes involved in the comminution in planetary ball mills and can be utilized for process optimization. Moreover, the experimental effort in the transfer of the grinding process from planetary ball mills to other mills with loose grinding media shall be minimized and the prediction quality shal be improved significantly.

Publications of the project:
Rosenkranz, S., Breitung-Faes, S., Kwade, A.: Experimental Investigations and Modelling of the Ball Motion in Planetary Ball Mills, Powder Technology 212 (2011), 224-230

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