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Stress processes in planetary ball mills and their application to mill scale-up and transfer

Contact Person: Markus Nöske

The comminution of multi component systems is used in numerous industries. It plays a major role in the field of material preparation (ore processing / recycling) as well as in the building materials industry (production of composite cement). Regarding the comminution of abrasive materials the wear of the grinding media and the mill could be also seen as a substantial component in the suspension.
In contrast to the multicomponent comminution, extensive investigations have already been carried out for the comminution of individual components in the submicron particle size range. Therefore, a well-founded process and material understanding already exists. The challenge of investigations on comminution processes with more than one component consists mainly in the analysis of the specific particle size distributions.
Within the framework of the DFG project “Ultra-fine grinding of multi-component systems in stirred media mills” a deeper understanding has to be developed with regard to the selectivity, efficiency and the dependency on process parameters for the comminution of multi-component mixtures and composite materials. At the beginning the project is focused on the development of methods for the analysis of multi-component systems. Especially the particle size distribution of the individual components has to be characterized. The knowledge gained from the comminution experiments will be used for the extension of existing or the development of new process models.

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