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Nanogrinding of organic and inorganic materials

In the industry it is common to produce fine particles in stirred media mills by wet grinding processes. Those processes are used in different fields like the chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetical industry as well as the inks and paints producing industry. With the right choice of the processing parameters and applicable stabilizations it is possible to grind down to the nanometer range.
Aims of the researches are on one hand the optimization of the process parameters, which can be further described by physical models, and on the other hand understanding and controlling particular interactions of suspensions to find the optimal composition of stable ones.
In cooperation with the Universität Erlangen the research of the last years were based on inorganic grinding processes and their behaviors. Future researches will deal with the topic of organic grinding. The target will be the influences of the grinding parameters and of the temperature on the grinding progress (agglomeration and primary particle size). With the chosen temperature the mechanical behavior of the feed material can be significantly affected. In addition the grinding media wear plays an important role, so that the research focuses also on the grinding media wear in the deep level.

Figure 1: Used grinding media in a stirred media mill (left: ZrO2-GM; right: Al2O3-GM)

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