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Nanomilling of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in stirred media mills

Contact Person: André Bitterlich

Nanoparticles are already used in products of daily life like paint or sunscreen to improve performance. In pharmaceutical industries they start to play an important role as well. Due to the nanoparticles’ high surface area-to-volume ratio, the solubility of non- or hardly soluble products is strongly improved. That leads to an increased bioavailability which allows the use of a broad variety of new API in pharmacological applications.
Until now, nanomilling has been mainly investigated for inorganic systems. The applicability of this knowledge on pharmaceutical (organic) particles has to be investigated.

Within the framework of this project, the influence of operating parameters and stabilizers on the comminution of API will be analysed. Especially the determination of maximum product fineness and the minimization of product contamination by wear of grinding media will be an important part of the research. The influence of operating parameters and stabilizers on product morphology will be studied as well.
By using micromechanical measuring techniques, specific properties of the nanoparticles like elastic and plastic deformation will be analysed. The objective is to find a dependency between these parameters and the particles fracture behaviour.
Furthermore, an important part of this project is the establishment of a procedure for systematic stabilizer selection.

Fig. 1 Rotor and Grinding chamber of SMM  Fig. 2 Ground Product

A. Bitterlich, C. Komoß, D. Steiner, H. Bunjes, A. Kwade (2011) Nanomilling of Naproxen in Stirred Media Mills, 7th International Symposium Fine Grinding and Dispersing, Braunschweig, Germany, Conf. Proc., 28-35 (ISBN 13 978-3-86844-368-4)

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