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“Rapid-Tungsten” Development of a holistic manufacturing process for the production of high-temperature stable tungsten heavy metal alloy moulds for the first time by generative manufacturing by selective laser melting

Founded by: BMWi

Contact person : David Sterling

Summary of the project:

Laser-based, generative production of metallic material powders is becoming increasingly important in research and industry. In order to design these processes efficiently, it is necessary to optimize the SLM (selective laser melting) process parameters. On the other hand, the initial materials have to be be tailored and customized in such a way that they can be processed using the powerful SLM methods.
Within the scope of this project, a holistic approach to the production of complex components made of tungsten heavy metals with low alloying elements using generative manufacturing is being investigated by the four project partners.
For this purpose, a Fused&Crashed process will be developed, which allows the production of the tungsten powder from sintered metal blocks by means of a multi-stage crushing process (Wolfram Industrie). To increase the flowability, an innovative spheroidization process will be used in which the tungsten powder is ground and rounded to a defined particle size distribution. Several process routes will be evaluated, whereby the tungsten powder will be mechanically comminuted and rounded at the same time. On the other hand, the material is comminuted into the submicron range. Fluidized bed or spray drying processes are then used to produce defined particle size distributions and spherical particles (iPAT). The rounded powder is then processed by an optimized SLM process to complex components (eg. molds) (Rapid Object). Finally, an innovative surface treatment process will allow for the post-processing of highest component qualities (Breuckmann).


Project partners
Wolfram Industrie, Rapid Object, Breukmann

Team Members

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