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Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

Juniorprof. Dr. Georg Garnweitner

General information

The lecture course “Fundamentals of Nanotechnology” is generally held in English, with English documentation and literature also available.
The course is always held in the summer term. It is not held weekly, but in the form of three morning/afternoon sessions of about 3 hours duration. A meeting is generally held in the first week of the summer semester for coordination of the individual sessions, but please check our topical notice on lectures or contact Prof. Garnweitner for further information.

Contents of the course

The course offers an introduction to modern nanotechnology, with a special focus on today’s “wonder materials of nanotechnology”, carbon nanotubes and graphene, as well as future applications of nanotechnology such as intelligent nanosystems and nanomachines.
The course includes the following topics:

  • Definition of nanotechnology; basics on the fabrication of nanomaterials (top-down and bottom-up strategies)
  • Carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene and quantum dots as the “wonder materials” of nanotechnology
  • Properties of nanomaterials
  • Generations of nanotechnology: development scenarios of nanotechnology; nanoelectronics, nanosystems and nanomachines as future scenarios