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Thesis Particle Simulation and Functional Structures


Path-breaking project – Artificial Intelligence in grinding

This pioneering pilot project aims to investigate the potential of methods of artificial intelligence for the identification of inherent patterns, for the evaluation or even the prediction of comminution processes. In the past, data on comminution processes was generated extensively at iPAT, which serves as the underlying database for this project. mehr

CFD-DEM simulations and modelling of velocity distributions

In this work, coupled CFD-DEM simulations are to be carried out in order to simulate the residence probability of grinding media in stirred media mills. The results will be compared with existing measurements using a magnetic tracer. Furthermore, a GUI is to be developed for the measurement procedure. mehr

Modelling of breakage behavior of aggregate structures

The breakage tester developed at iPAT will be used to investigate the fracture behaviour of aggregate structures in order to develop models based on this data. Additionally, the influence of a thin water film upon the rolls on the measuring process will be investigated. A work package includes the synthesis and subsequent spray drying of aggregate structures. mehr

Implementation of particle breakage in DEM simulations

This project proposes the implementation particle breakage models, from the literature, in the DEM simulation algorithm. The implementation will be done in LIGGGTHS, a open source DEM simulation tool. mehr

Performance and validation of CFD-DEM-simulations of stirred and shaken bioreactors

The aim of this project is to investigate the correlation of the morphology and the productivity for filamentous microorganisms. Early results showed an increased concentration of the antibiotic product due to the addition of macro particles to the cultivation media. mehr

CFD -DEM Simulationen of stirred media mills

In this project, existing stirred media mills will be implemented in a coupled CFD-DEM simulation to investigate the crushing and dispersing processes in terms of stress types, energies and grinding progress. The focus of the work can be individually adapted to the interests. more

CFD-DEM simulations of particle interactions

There are many different forces acting between cement particles which, within multiple thesis, are either to be implemented in a simulation software and / or validated. It is possible to carry out part of the work experimentally. The focus of the work can be individually adapted to the interests. mehr

Lehre_SA_For_BrF_Vis_1215 Viscosity of nanoparticulate suspensions

The viscosity of uncured polymer suspensions is a key material property for the production of fibre reinforced composite materials for aerospace and many other applications. The dependency of the viscosity on disperse properties shall be investigated in this work. more

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Current Projects

3D4Space – Additive manufacturing technologies for innovative space travel – „printing on the moon“ more

Nanofluidics & Particle manipulation – Production and characterization of metrological, hierarchical nano- and microstructures more

Processing of nanoparticles out of poorly water-soluble drugs by precipitation and drying using microsystems more

FOR 2021 “Active principles of nanoscale matrix additives for fibre reinforced lightweight structures” more

Dynamic Process Models for Fine Grinding and Dispersing more


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