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Thesis Powder and Slurry Processes


Modelling of particles agglomeration in dry grinding

This project proposes a preliminary model for fine particles agglomeration. The steps project include a literature review, experimental work and formulation of a empirical or fundamental model. mehr

Modelling of cycling processes in a stirred media mill

Within this thesis, the circulation mode should be investigated based on particle size distribution and residence time in a stirred media mill. For this matter, the rotational speed and the volume flow will be varied systematically. Furthermore, it is of interest to vary through the mass concentration and grinding charge the stress energy in the mill.

Influence of viscosity in a stirred media mill

Within this thesis, viscosities should be varied through model fluids and it should be obtained the influence of temperature and viscosity on the grinding bead movement. Through the variation of volume flow and stirrer speed, there will be different temperatures within the mill. more

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Current Projects

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Increase of the energy efficiency by controlling the flow properties and minimizing the agglomeration in dry fine grinding processes more

Stress events in planetary ball mills and their application on scaling and mill-changing behaviour more

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Nanogrinding of pharmaceutical ingredients in stirred media mills more

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