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Since October 1999 the course “Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media Mills” is organized every year by the Institute for Particle Technology of the Technical University Braunschweig.
The research on stirred media mills started 1978 in Braunschweig and it is still one of the main research areas of the Institute for Particle Technology. The importance of stirred media mills is still increasing although the first stirred media mills were developed in the 1950´s. Several industries, among others lacquer and paint industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, crop care industry as well as ceramic and filler industry, are producing countless products with this technology. Today especially applications in the area of nanotechnology are subject of research and development in stirred media milling. Examples are nanomilling of drugs with enhanced bioavailability, formation of suspensions for smart coatings and nanocomposites as well as production of CMP slurries for the semiconductor industry.

The next Basic Course on “Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media Mills” will take place from 7th to 9th October 2019. The Course will be lectured in German.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arno Kwade
Head of Institute for Particle Technology
TU Braunschweig